Yes, Let's

illustrated by Maris Wicks

In this picture book, a family and their dog wake up extra early one summer day and go for a hike.  Every part of a day spent outdoors, even the mosquito bites or the shenanigans of a snack-snatching squirrel, becomes part of the memory of that day.  With a bouncing, rhyming text and vibrant, detailed illustrations by Maris Wicks, this book bursts with positive energy.

Tanglewood Publishing
Picture Book | Ages 3 – 7
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-933718-87-3 | 32 pages | $15.95

ReviewS of Yes Let's:

In an age of technology overload, debut talents Longstreth and Wicks remind readers of the things that matter: family outings, the vitamin D that comes from time spent outdoors, and the memories that accompany such excursions…Wick’s clean-lined cartooning greatly expands on Longstreth’s understated but evocative verse, filling the pages with visual mini-narratives, dashes of humor, and details to pore over, all while capturing the cheerful chaos of a big, happy family.
— Publisher’s Weekly, starred review
An unusually credible picture book, Yes Let’s gives a real sense of the squabbles and satisfactions of family life. Wicks…is an outstanding observer of natural settings, adding imaginative, comic detail to Longstreth’s rhyming verse, which follows four children and their parents on a hike through the woods. Get your boots on! This outing looks like fun.
— The New York Times
A truly fun outing chock full of gentle cadences, genuine familial affection, loads of hidden details, and at least one instance of squirrel-based thievery.
— Betsy Bird, A Fuse #8 Production